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Saturday, 03 September 2016 00:00

Introducing the 2nd Generation SMS4Health services

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The introduction of a reminder system for the purposes of preventive health care provision in practice will result in increased patient satisfaction, better clinical outcomes and increased income to your practice.


Unfortunately, conventional reminder systems tend to involve a lot of repetitive administrative work and this has always been a barrier to the adoption of such services in practice.


With mobile telephony penetration rate close to 100%, mobile telephony is the ideal communication vehicle for health-related reminders from healthcare providers to patients.


SMS4Health is an SMS-based, completely automated recall system which sends out regular reminders to subscribers based on your recommendations.


SMS4Health is a useful tool in clinical practice for many specialties.


Family Practice

SMS4Health can be used in both Primary Prevention (routine checkups, cervical smears, vaccinations etc) as well as Secondary Prevention such as the management of chronic medical conditions like diabetes and hypertension.


Using SMS4Health in family practice improves uptake of preventive health checks, vaccinations, control of chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension and can help in decreasing complications, morbidity and mortality.



Using SMS4Health will assist professionals involved in child care to remind parents as to when their child is due for a whole range of vaccinations and stick to what is not uncommonly a complicated vaccination schedule besides reminding when the young ones are due for their well-baby checks.



SMS4Health is extremely useful in obstetrics and gynaecology practice and current reminders include those for Well-women checks, Cevical Smears, HPV Vaccinations . Other reminders will also be made available to providers based on demand. Customized reminders may also be set up if required.


Dental Clinics

SMS4Health is also useful in dental practice for those who want to promote oral wellbeing.  Currently we have set up reminders for Dental Checks, Follow-Up Bridge Work and Follow-Up Implants.


SMS4Health has been developed over several years and is proven to be effective tool. Patient acceptability and compliance have consistently been very high.


We have recently launched our second generation SMS4Health system. SMS4Health has an easy, intuitive interface and is completely web-based and the newly launched website integrates seamlessly with the service.  SMS4Health is now also incredibly affordable with each message costing a fraction of the cost of using any other reminder system.


Users of can earn usage points by using and using the facilities offered. These usage points may in turn can be used to send free reminders.


We can provide any training and support necessary to get you started.


We can also set up other reminders based on demand and we can also set up customized reminders as may be required.


Whichever speciality you practice we have the right reminder system for you. So why wait! Join now by visiting and apply for your practice to become an SMS4Health Provider.

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