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Do Differences in Anatomy Matter for Achieving Orgasm?

sexinbedA recent review of the medical literature reveals that differences in anatomy may help explain why some individuals experience orgasms more successfully than others.
For males, the most important aspect of achieving an erection and of ejaculating appears to rely on a proper balance between the parasympathetic nervous system that controls the body at rest and the sympathetic nervous system that controls the body's "fight or flight" response. For females, physical anatomy plays more of an important role, with migration of the clitoris toward the anterior vaginal wall and the angle of entry of the penis being important.
“Sexual experiences are assumed to be in your control based on your attitude: your confidence, your ability to trust, your openness. What if variations in sexual anatomy actually set the foundation for differences in sexual experience, and we aren't in control of our sexual experiences as much as we once thought?” questioned Dr. Elizabeth Emhardt, lead author of the Clinical Anatomy article.

Source: Wiley
Full bibliographic information:
Emhardt, E., Siegel, J. and Hoffman, L. (2016), Anatomic variation and orgasm: Could variations in anatomy explain differences in orgasmic success?. Clin. Anat.. doi: 10.1002/ca.22703



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